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TFS Team Project Manager automates various tasks across Team Projects in Team Foundation Server. If you find yourself managing multiple Team Projects for an organization and have recurring tasks and questions that repeat themselves over and over again, Team Project Manager probably has some answers for you.

Compare Work Item Types


Team Project Manager can help you...
  • View activity
    • View recent activity (in Source Control, Work Item Tracking and Team Build)
  • Manage build definitions
    • View and delete build definitions
    • Update common properties within build definitions
  • Manage build process templates
    • Understand which build templates are used by which build definitions
    • Unregister existing build process templates
    • Register new or update existing build process templates
  • Manage security
    • Understand which security groups have which members
    • Delete security groups
    • Export permissions from existing security groups
    • Add or update security groups
    • Manage members and permissions for security groups
  • Manage source control
    • Understand which projects have which source control settings (multiple check-out, get latest on check-out, check-in notes)
    • Update source control settings
    • Visualize branch hierarchies
  • Manage work item configuration
    • Compare work item configurations (i.e. work item type definitions, categories, process configuration) with various sources, e.g. to determine which Process Template was likely used to create which project
    • Understand which projects use which work item types and how many work items there are of each
    • Import new or update existing work item types
    • Manage work item categories
    • Manage process configuration (i.e. common and agile configuration)
    • Transform work item tracking configuration (i.e. apply XML transformations on work item type definitions, categories, process configuration)
For more details on how all this works, see the Documentation page.

If you can think of other great features, please let us know through the discussion forums or the issue tracker! Or (even better) because it's built with a very modular framework (Microsoft Prism) you can also contribute by building your own modules!


TFS Team Project Manager works against any version of Team Foundation Server, including Visual Studio Online (even though not all features are always supported there).

Free Software

This application is completely free to use. If you feel it saves you a lot of time and you like it so much that you want to support the countless hours that have gone in developing this - please do feel free to donate!


What's New?

  • v2.0.5885 (February 11, 2016)
    • Upgraded to latest TFS SDK version
    • Fixed issue where application could crash when opening work item comparison
  • v2.0.5746 (September 25, 2015)
    • Fixed issue with Git security when using TFS 2013 Update 5
    • Added support for showing only selected Team Projects
  • v2.0.5716 (August 25, 2015)
    • Added support for TFS 2015
    • Added support for managing security permissions on Tagging, Git and Work Item Queries
    • Added support for exporting permissions of existing security groups
    • Fixed an issue that macros weren't correctly replaced when importing work item types to multiple team projects
  • v1.8.5416 (October 30, 2014)
    • Added support for filtering and grouping the build definition list (patch submitted by user "AMainka")
    • Added support for deleting existing builds when deleting a build definition (patch submitted by user "xdaDaveShaw")
    • Added support for importing a work item "comparison source" from a Process Template registered on a Team Project Collection
    • Fixed an issue that Work Item Query changes didn't persist after closing Team Project Manager
    • Fixed an issue where adding files to the "work item types / import" list removed all existing files from the list
  • v1.7.5119 (January 6th, 2014)
    • Added support for managing Work Item Queries
    • Fixed issue "TF50609: MANAGETESTPLANS does not exist." when setting permissions in the Security Module
    • Fixed issue where comparing work item configuration for a Team Project that doesn't have process settings configured would throw TF400572
  • v1.6.4968 (August 8th, 2013)
    • Source Control module now allows you to visualize the branch hierarchies across Team Projects and export them as XML or DGML.
    • Source Control module no longer has "View Latest Changesets" screen since this functionality is now contained in the Activity module.
    • Activity module now allows user to choose the components to scan for activity.
  • v1.6.4891 (May 23rd, 2013)
    • Added support for macros (e.g. $$PROJECTNAME$$) to be replaced when editing/transforming work item configurations.
    • Added support for simulation and saving a copy of any change to the work item configuration files.
    • Added support to export, edit and transform work item categories as XML.
    • Added support for searching within large text boxes (CTRL-F / F3).
  • v1.6.4874 (May 6th, 2013)
    • Added support for XML transformations of work item tracking configuration files (work item type definitions, categories, process configuration).
    • Activity module now also shows the user that performed the activity.
    • Tasks can now be canceled when they are executing.
    • Fixed NullReferenceException when comparing certain types of Team Projects.
    • Fixed ArgumentNullException when editing build definition that has no process parameters.
  • v1.5.4852 (April 14, 2013)
    • Added activity module that allows you to see the most recent activity (in Source Control, Work Item Tracking and Team Build) for Team Projects.
    • Updated security module to allow you to manage members and permissions for security groups.
  • v1.4.4793 (February 14, 2013)
    • Added support for moving work item comparison sources up and down
    • Improved work item comparison to better support TFS 2012 Update 1
    • Added the last build time in the Build Definitions screen
    • Added a view by server path for the Build Process Templates
  • v1.3.4601 (August 6, 2012)
    • Split up in two editions depending on the version of Team Explorer you have installed locally (although all editions still work against all versions of TFS)
    • Added support for TFS 2012
    • Added support for editing Work Item Type Definitions directly
    • Added support for managing work item process configuration (Agile and Common configuration)
    • Added support for comparing work item categories and process configuration (Agile and Common configuration); improved comparison of work item type definitions
  • v1.2.4450 (March 8, 2012)
    • When Visual Studio 2012 is detected, its built-in Diff Tool is now used by default.
    • Added support for customization of the Diff Tool in the work item type comparer (see the TeamProjectManager.exe.config file).
  • v1.2.4406 (January 24, 2012)
    • Added a column to the build definitions list to show scheduled build times.
  • v1.2.4379 (December 28, 2011)
    • Added support for viewing, editing and deleting build definitions.
  • v1.1 (December 8, 2011)
    • Improved work item type comparisons.
    • Added support for saving and loading work item comparison sources.
    • Added security module that allows Team Project security groups to be retrieved, deleted and added.
  • v1.0 (November 27, 2011)
    • Initial release.

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