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How To Contribute

If you want to contribute any code (features or bug fixes) to this project, then you're awesome. You can do so either by submitting a patch or by requesting to become a project member.

Submitting A Patch

Submitting a patch is as easy as uploading the files you've changed and providing a description. You can do so on the "Source Code" tab by clicking "Upload Patch".

Although not strictly required, we would appreciate that you associate a work item (issue) with your patch so it's very obvious what your patch is supposed to do. If a work item doesn't exist yet, please don't hesitate to create one. This helps us understand the scope and impact of your patch and allow us to more easily integrate it into the main code base.

Joining The Project

If you want to contribute more formally and check source code in directly, leave a message on the discussion boards to request to be added as a member.

Here are some base rules for contributors:
  • Follow the philosophy of the tool.
    • The tool aims to automate various tasks across Team Projects in Team Foundation Server.
    • It's mostly the "across Team Projects" part that's important here: there are many tools (command-line or other) that you can use to automate certain tasks, but the big benefit here is that you can do them in bulk for a lot of projects at once.
    • If your feature doesn't fit in with the mindset that it's an operation to be performed on many Team Projects, or on the Team Project Collection above it, it's probably not a good candidate.
  • Create a work item for every feature or bug so that it’s clear what you’re working on and what is in each release.
    • Use the "Release" field in the work item to indicate which version it's intended for, e.g. "TFS Team Project Manager v2.0".
  • Check in your changes in the Main branch.
  • Do not create / upload / replace releases.
    • At least for now, I prefer to manage this myself because there are some things to consider, e.g. around versioning and automatic updates.
    • It also allows me to keep an eye on the quality before actually releasing a new version (by code reviewing, building and testing).
  • Have fun and create cool stuff.
    • Spread the word about the tool and your contribution to it!
    • Did I say you're awesome?

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